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Investing in General Santos/SOSKSARGEN!
We don't just ask you to come. We give you reason to invest in SOSKSARGEN!

Business is Booming in General Santos/SOSKSARGEN!
We want YOU to be part of the boom! There are many areas for potential investment in our area. General Santos City is located in a very strategic position in the BIMP-EAGA Market! The new General Santos City International Airport opened for business in 1996 and can handle your needs. Cargo, passengers, whatever your needs! GSC Airport is now also the Headquarters of Mindanao Express Airlines, Mindanao's own airline! SOSKSARGEN, which stands for South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, General Santos City, is the Philippines' south most dynamic growth area. A Gateway to Opportunity! It lies in the heart of the Asian-Pacific Region where half of world trade is happening.

Agricultural Eden!

SOSKSARGEN is an agricultural Eden of some 791,000 hectares with almost 50% of the total area classified as arable land suitable for crops. Of this area 85% is cultivated with various crops, mostly corn, rice, coconuts, and high value crops, mainly pineapple, asparagus, exotic fruits, vegetables and cutflowers. Learn more about the agricultural possibilities!

Investment Incentives

The Philippine government has set up a number of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and benefits to qualified local and foreign investors. The investment policies are contained in the following legislation: 1) The Omnibus Investment Code of 1987, 2) Foreign Investment Act of 1991, 3) Presidential Decree 1034, 4) Republic Act No. 6957.
In addition to these National Investment Incentives, General Santos City offers incentives of it's own. These are spelled out in The General Santos City Investment Code of 1995.

What triggered the GenSan boom?

It's the fishing industry, says taipan Marfenio Tan, president of the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GSCCCII). He attributes the growth to a number of reasons.
Getting here & Staying here!
So, if all the opportunity here interests you then you will have to come visit, right? But, how do you get here? It's easy! We've compiled a list of Arrival/Departure times for travel by Air, Sea and Road! Also, there is plenty of lodging available in General Santos City in every price range. Be sure to check our listing of General Santos Hotels.

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